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We write and produce original content for the web and TV. We like sandwiches and play a lot of Nerf Basketball.

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Full service state of the art 2D animation studio.

We are comedy writers first – writers who know how to animate. Wizards of comedic timing. We take scripts or ideas and give them life. Some of our clients include Cyanide & Happiness, CollegeHumor, Dorkly, Disney, TruTV, WWE, and much more.

Writing We’ve written for Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV, Mattel, CollegeHumor, Machinima and more. Need some funny content? Let us know!
Voice Over Animation isn’t quite the same without voices. We can record in-house or direct remote talent to help bring animation to life.
Storyboarding Getting from script to screen is a huge step. We can take that first step by visually telling the story shot by shot.
Animatics It’s starting to come together! Voices, visuals, timing - Animatics put the meat on the bones!
Backgrounds The setting is extremely important to storytelling. We can provide various styles and technics to make your project stand out.
Character Design We have a deep talent pool of incredible artists ready to create unique and fun characters.
Animation Oh right, we animate as well! Flash, ToonBoom, After Effects - whatever style you need, we’ve got the team to put it together.
Post Production Need some sound design and music to put the final touches on everything? We can help you out there as well.


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LowBrow Studios
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